Future Fabrics Expo 2017



The 6th Future Fabrics Expo took place in January 2017 and welcomed over 650 visitors. Showcased were a diverse range of more than 2000 individually sourced fabrics and leathers with a  reduced environmental impact sourced from dozens of international mills and suppliers. Fabrics on show are ideally suited for a wide range of market levels and product types, making this the largest and most diverse showcase of commercially available more sustainable materials in the industry. Extensive background information on sustainability in fashion and textiles, and the latest textile and processing innovations were also be showcased.

We were delighted to introduce seminars at the 6th Future Fabrics Expo at Iris Studios London. The Seminars featured some of the most important organisations shaping the future of the textile industry including:







Latest Innovations at the Expo:

• Fabrics made from citrus waste

• Leather alternatives made from pineapple; natural rubber and Jellyfish

• fashion materials made of innovative non-woven wools

• low impact lace

The Future Fabrics Expo is generously supported by Kassim Textiles, and Avery Dennison RBIS who developed sustainable digitally printed fabric hangers for the Future Fabrics Expo.

Features at the 6th Future Fabrics Expo:

• Over 2000 materials and textiles with a lower environmental impact

• Tips on how to source innovative fabrics at trade fairs

• Innovative materials including low impact leather and leather alternatives

• Information on sustainable practices within the fashion industry

• Detailed specifications for how each fabric is uniquely sustainable

• Cradle to Cradle certified fabrics, trims and elastics

• The latest news from GOTS standards and certified GOTs fabrics

Even if you didn’t make it to the expo you can still discover hundreds of sustainable materials and see presentations from the Future Fabrics Expo by visiting www.futurefabricsvirtualexpo.com.

Please contact us if you require further information at info@thesustainableangle.org




“It was a really great experience to visit the Expo, as it’s such an opportunity for designers and brands to source their materials from more sustainable mills. The platform you provide makes it a lot easier to get in contact or even discover new mills, such as emerging innovative materials.” – Ana Pasalic from Stella McCartney Ltd


“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo has a great selection of fabrics and fashion materials, and the guided tour!” – COS


“The 6th Future Fabrics Expo is a very visionary and inspiring showcase. It is the future.” – M&S

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We are delighted with the success of the 6th Future Fabrics Expo. thank you for your hard work and willingness to help and support small suppliers like Seidentraum. We have already received numerous sample requests right after the expo!” – Dr Matias Langer, Seidentraum


“We learned about new innovations and interesting techniques at the 6th Future Fabrics Expo. We had no expectation when we arrived but went away with happy faces and a lot of new ideas.” – Peak Perfomance


“We so enjoyed attending the 2017 event and wonderful ranges of sustainable  fabrics and organic cotton based cloth that fitted so well with what we do. The seminars were interesting and the event was a real pleasure to attend” – Phil Wheeler from Organic Textile Company