Future Fabrics Expo 2015

In September 2015 we were delighted to welcome hundreds of visitors over two days to the 5th edition of the Future Fabrics Expo*, inside Fashion SVP at London Olympia exhibition centre. The 5th Future Fabrics Expo presented a curated showcase of globally sourced materials with reduced environmental impacts, featuring approximately 1500 qualities from over 80 mills, with sustainability information displayed for each mill and fabric.

A key focus for the 5th Future Fabrics Expo was to showcase leading innovations from around the world, summarised by highlighting our ‘Top 5’ innovations including leather alternatives made from waste pineapple leaf fibre, South American giant mushrooms, and natural rubber from the Amazon rainforest, along with biodegradable resin buttons, and organically tanned by-product exotic fish skin and ostrich leather.

For the first time we also welcomed the Taiwan Textile Federation to join the expo to showcase leading Taiwan Eco Textiles focusing on performance and technical textiles. Hundreds of innovative materials were showcased from the Taiwanese mills Everest, Minlan, Tai Yuen, Merryson, Lily Textile and Grandtek, suited to a wide range of applications from active wear to fashion.

We additionally presented a seminar on how to source more sustainably, exploring our top tips and strategies for sustainable sourcing, key innovations we have discovered, and how different ways of measuring impacts can help you build a more sustainable supply chain.

Even if you didn’t make it to the expo you can still discover hundreds of sustainable materials from the Future Fabrics Expo by visiting www.futurefabricsvirtualexpo.com. In addition, the whole Future Fabrics Expo can be booked by brands and organisations, to be brought to their HQ or events – please contact us for information.

You can read more about it on our blog.

* The Future Fabrics Expo is a curated showcase of high quality fashion fabrics with a reduced environmental impact. Since its inception in 2011, the Future Fabrics Expo has achieved a winning combination of increasing the visibility of innovative textiles, effectively promoting and communicating textiles with a lower environmental impact to designers and buyers in an accessible design-led format. The 5th Future Fabrics Expo took place on 29th – 30th September 2015 inside Fashion SVP at London Olympia exhibition centre.

The Future Fabrics Expo is generously supported by Kassim Textiles, Elmer & Zweifel, and Avery Dennison RBIS who developed sustainable digitally printed fabric hangers for the Future Fabrics Expo.


Offset Warehouse

“We were delighted to be included in this year’s Future Fabrics Expo. Offset Warehouse is an ethical textile company that works with designers in the fashion industry, and this event was perfectly targeted towards that sector. As we operate primarily online, the expo is a great place for designers to touch and experience our fabrics without having to purchase samples. Participating in the expo was completely hassle-free, requiring only an excel spreadsheet and a box of fabrics – the Sustainable Angle took care of the rest. The event was busy with lots of visitors, and we had many followup enquiries from designers, already with a history of working ethically, who may not have found us otherwise.” – Offset Warehouse

“The 5th Future Fabrics Expo was the 2nd one that we have been a part of and it certainly built upon the success of last year. There was a constant buzz at the event, and a true sense that visitors were learning about and finding new sustainable ways to do business. We’re looking forward to next year already!” – Historic Futures

“Kassim Denim is always eager and happy to be part of the Future Fabrics Expo, as it marks our resolve to undertake more sustainable production methods, and produce lower impact materials. In our partnership with The Sustainable Angle we endeavor to bring to the world’s designers and fashion brands Denim fabrics crafted with a passion for the fabric and a strong belief in a greener world.” – Kassim Denim


“The innovation embodied in the event was exceptional…[The] Future Fabrics Expo highlighted the sheer range of sustainable solutions available on the global market today, and demonstrated that the pace of innovation in sustainable technology is reaching the stage where it can comfortably keep up with consumer demand…”


“The Future Fabrics Expo is more than a unique and selective exhibition. It is a place to be innovative and bold. It is a space to dare to break with convention and societal expectations in order to bring humanistic values to the forefront of the conversation in the fashion and textile industries. Our world is changing very rapidly and a hub like the Future Fabrics Expo is contributing to help the industry, and consequently our society, catch-up with the needs of our times.” – Silvana Palacios, Selvacolour ™

“It [Future Fabrics Expo] is very interesting, and super useful. Anybody who is interested in sustainable textiles should go; it is a great sourcing hub.” – Katharine Hamnett

“[Conventional] cotton is so overrated. The Future Fabrics Expo is really good to find alternative fabrics.” – Leah Borromeo, Guardian Sustainable Business

“Having worked as a designer, researcher and tutor in the field of fashion and its contribution to life, I was truly inspired, clearly informed and delightfully surprised by the incredible Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo recently held in London. The aesthetic of the show was balanced by its integrity in visualising and describing a range of high quality fashion materials with diverse application possibilities. Other visitors seemed equally captured by the contents and the exhibition was buzzing with excitement and interest. This is no ordinary fabric show, this is a future fabrics expo – this shows that the possibility is there for fashion designers and buyers to explore more credible practices with style!” – Dilys Williams, Director Centre for Sustainable Fashion

“I love the curating job in this Future Fabrics Expo with the fabric categories and rails organised by feeling. As a brand we appreciate this kind of curating. It is great to see progressive technical fabrics as well as aesthetic fabrics together.” – Ada Zanditon, designer

“The Expo brings together leading fabric innovation from localised production to cutting edge globally sourced fibres, to provide designers and brands with much needed access to sustainable suppliers. It is awesome to see the diverse collection as a whole and connect with the dedicated suppliers who make it up. It is an invaluable resource for fashion designers and fashion educators.” – Lizzie Harrison, Sustain, Royal College of Art

organic textile company

“We love small designers and start ups, they have the excitement, energy, and courage we enjoy working with, and there seemed to be lots at the show. We have really enjoyed the feedback and response to our fabrics from visitors to the Future Fabrics Expo – many many thanks for all your hard work.” – Organic Textile Company