Future Fabrics Expo 2014

The fourth Future Fabrics Expo* took place for the second time within Fashion SVP at London Olympia, the leading UK fashion manufacturing sourcing event specializing in near-shore manufacturing.

Having seen such an increasing commitment each year from high volume as well as designer and niche brands to lower their environmental impact, we were pleased to once again provide an opportunity for visitors to discover the latest sustainable fabric innovations in a comprehensive curated showcase.

The Future Fabrics Expo was shown to be a key platform for showcasing both sustainable textiles, and initiatives and tools from a range of organisations which were presented at our sustainability Info Hub.

A key focus for the 4th Future Fabrics Expo was on supply chain traceability, and we additionally presented a seminar on ‘building sustainability into your textile buying’, exploring how to assess fabrics in relation to sustainability, avoiding pitfalls when sourcing sustainably, and developments of the sustainable textiles market.

You can read more about it on our blog.

* The Future Fabrics Expo is a curated showcase of high quality fashion fabrics with a reduced environmental impact. Since its inception in 2011, the Future Fabrics Expo has achieved a winning combination of increasing the visibility of innovative textiles, effectively promoting and communicating textiles with a lower environmental impact to designers and buyers in an accessible design-led format.

The 4th Future Fabrics Expo was generously sponsored by Kassim Denim and Elmer & Zweifel. Find out about our partners and supporters here.


“Having worked as a designer, researcher and tutor in the field of fashion and its contribution to life, I was truly inspired, clearly informed and delightfully surprised by the incredible Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo recently held in London. The aesthetic of the show was balanced by its integrity in visualising and describing a range of high quality fashion materials with diverse application possibilities. Other visitors seemed equally captured by the contents and the exhibition was buzzing with excitement and interest. This is no ordinary fabric show, this is a future fabrics expo – this shows that the possibility is there for fashion designers and buyers to explore more credible practices with style!” – Dilys Williams, Director Centre for Sustainable Fashion

“It [Future Fabrics Expo] is very interesting, and super useful. Anybody who is interested in sustainable textiles should go; it is a great sourcing hub.” – Katharine Hamnett

“[Conventional] cotton is so overrated. The Future Fabrics Expo is really good to find alternative fabrics.” – Leah Borromeo, Guardian Sustainable Business

“We joined the Future Fabrics Expo because we firmly believed in the concept of sustainability. Through this forum we can show the world Pakistan’s resolve to be an active player in the crucial matter of sustainability. The response we get from visitors to the expo is most heartening, and we welcome all queries about our denim products from all. The integrity shown by The Sustainable Angle to this cause has had us sponsoring the Future Fabric Expo, and we shall continue our support in the future.” – Kassim Denim

“I was very impressed with the collection of sustainable fabrics available, in particular the shirting fabrics. The Info Hub provided interactive information on relevant tools and initiatives for anyone (but specifically would be of interest to designers, buyers and technicians) wishing to enhance their knowledge on sustainable design and sourcing.” – Carol Rose, WRAP

“The Future Fabrics Expo had a real buzz about it and was a great opportunity for us to meet a cross section of the Fashion industry interested to think about where their products are coming from and how they have been made. It is great to see so many people passionate about sustainability, and we hope the event will continue to grow.” – Historic Futures

“I love the curating job in this Future Fabrics Expo with the fabric categories and rails organised by feeling. As a brand we appreciate this kind of curating. It is great to see progressive technical fabrics as well as aesthetic fabrics together.” – Ada Zanditon, designer

“The Expo brings together leading fabric innovation from localised production to cutting edge globally sourced fibres, to provide designers and brands with much needed access to sustainable suppliers. It is awesome to see the diverse collection as a whole and connect with the dedicated suppliers who make it up. It is an invaluable resource for fashion designers and fashion educators.” – Lizzie Harrison, Sustain, Royal College of Art

“The big interest of the Fashion industry in sustainable textiles showcased by The Sustainable Angle indicates great potential for the Future Fabrics Expo, as they offer a platform for the textile industry as well as sustainable initiatives like CmiA.” – CmiA

“Thanks for everything and all your support and feedback, and most importantly a successful show! PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics is thrilled to be involved with such a fresh and dynamic team, and, gauging form the initial response to this latest show, we believe that the Future Fabircs Expo will move from strength to strength in reaching a wider audience and educating more and more designers about the importance and availability of sustainable textiles worldwide. We are already looking forward to the next one.” – PhotoGanic | Organic Fabrics

“We are getting many e-mails from customers that are ordering colour swatches [right after the expo] and that is really positive. We are really pleased with The Sustainable Angle’s work. We think it is important to have our material shown on their website and expo.” – Atlantic Leather

organic textile company

“We love small designers and start ups, they have the excitement, energy, and courage we enjoy working with, and there seemed to be lots at the show. We have really enjoyed the feedback and response to our fabrics from visitors to the Future Fabrics Expo – many many thanks for all your hard work.” – Organic Textile Company

“Great to see such a diverse array of sustainable materials on show. I particularly enjoyed the amount of information that was available about materials and sustainability and other related research projects. The expo was easy to navigate around and information was accessible and engaging. I thought the series of iPads also worked really well as information points to different issues and ideas – helping to add a richer context around the materials collection as a whole.” – Emma Dulcie Rigby, Programme Co-Leader, Fashion Design, Buckinghamshire New University

“We flew in from California just for the Future Fabrics Expo. It was so worth it, we found many fabrics for our brand.” – Alex Otton, ‘Amor de’ fashion