Future Fabrics Expo 2011

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Future Fabrics Expo 2011

In November 2011 The Sustainable Angle organised the first Future Fabrics Expo, hosted by the London College of Fashion, with support from the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

The expo was initiated to promote high quality commercially available sustainable fabrics to international designers from mid to high-end fashion labels, as well as mainstream brands. In the first expo, over 400 individually selected fabrics with a lower environmental impact were showcased to hundreds of visitors from luxury, high street, and sustainable / ethical brands.

The expo showed a wide selection of woven and knitted fabrics made from natural and man-made fibres, including castor oil fabric, bi-product fish leather, recycled polyester suede, SCafe© post-consumer coffee ground fabric, Scottish merino wool, and fabrics represented by C-L-A-S-S including Milkofil© and NewLife©.

The selections included examples of new interpretations of perennial fashion classic qualities, as well as more experimental novelties relevant to a variety of markets. The fabrics were chosen according to quality, innovation, and demonstrating an ongoing commitment to improved performance across the supply chain.

During research and fabric selection, supply chain stages considered included fibre cultivation and processing, spinning,weaving, knitting, bleaching, dyeing and finishing, addressing the key environmental criteria that The Sustainable Angle established in consultation with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at The London College of Fashion, entailing biodiversity, water, waste and energy.



“The expo was very good and the cause is really important. The expo was very well put together… I really appreciated the expo, and I would like to visit again.”


“…a small but perfectly formed affair!”


“Future Fabrics Expo is brilliant and cohesive and provided me with lots of interesting new solutions”


“Oh joy to be confronted with the largest choice of sustainable fabrics and sustainable fabric producers I have ever seen in one place. Well done for bringing together so many sustainable mills and producers.”


“What a great opportunity to be able to see the various approaches and aspects of sustainability and be able to compare the fabrics side by side.”


“Each time I visit…I am impressed with the number of alternative fabrics that are available.”