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Future Fabrics Expo

The Future Fabrics Expo is a platform to learn more about the efforts of global textile mills to design, manufacture, and function more sustainably; to discover new fashion textiles and innovations for the future; and to extend networks in the fashion and textile industries.

The Future Fabrics Expo has achieved a winning combination of increasing the visibility of innovative textiles, and promoting and communicating textiles with a lower environmental impact to designers, buyers, press and global organisations, in a setting that is designed and curated to introduce textiles for the future with a lower environmental impact in a jargon-free manner


The Sustainable Angle presents a series of masterclasses at our new studio in West London.

All Masterclasses include the following:

* A Copy of our coveted sustainable sourcing guide, including list of suppliers and their contact detail.

* Experience a selection of over 3000+ fabrics and textiles with a lower environmental impact.

* Get hands on with innovative materials.

* Learn about sustainable practices within the fashion industry in general.

* Read detailed specifications for how each material on display is uniquely sustainable.

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